we are a creative team

Our team is compact and flexible. It consists of creative professionals. We are curious, open and engaged, and passionate about our work and our clients’ stories. When needed, we strengthen our in-house expertise with partners in a wide range of media, design and production disciplines.

Arthur (1969) is co-founder and executive director at Kummer & Herrman. For about 20 years, he is helping our clients, his business partner Jeroen, the creative team and third parties involved to find the best possible solution in a wide range of projects. Arthur is a real observer with an analytical spirit who is managing multiple projects from conception to completion. If you’d like to learn more about how K&H can help to bring your story across, please reach out via email.

arthur@kummer-herrman.nl +31(0)6 50644801 LinkedIn
Arthur Herrman Founder, Executive Director

Jeroen (1969) is co-founder and creative director of Kummer & Herrman. Educated as a graphic designer, Jeroen is constantly searching for the various roles design can play, not for its own benefit, but to structure, enhance, empower or enlighten the story it contains. Within K&H's creative team Jeroen plays a central inspirational role, leaving a mark on every K&H project. Together with Arthur, Jeroen has been leading K&H since they founded the office together in 1998.

jeroen@kummer-herrman.nl +31 (0)6 29070930 LinkedIn
Jeroen Kummer Founder, Creative Director

Berit (1993) likes the variety and combination of different types of media K&H uses to tell their clients’ stories. As a junior designer she loves to create printed matter as much as a spatial design for an exhibition. Always looking for the best conceivable result Berit understands the need for a close collaboration with clients as well as the valuable contribution of the various insights and opinions our small but diverse team has to offer.

berit@kummer-herrman.nl +31 (0)6 46474001
Berit Smit Designer

Lissa graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2013 and has developed herself as a designer with a strong focus on storytelling and CMF (color, material and finish), mostly in spatial design. Since 2021, she reinforces our team with her experience and focus on exhibition design.

lissa@kummer-herrman.nl LinkedIn
Lissa Zengerink Spatial Designer

Since 2017 Hanneke is part of the K&H’s team as a project manager. In this position she is bridging the needs between our designers, clients and other parties. It is her goal to optimize communication and processes between all parties in order to pave the way to the best possible creative product.

hanneke@kummer-herrman.nl +31 (0)6 57571317 LinkedIn
Hanneke Koster Project Manager

Robin (1976) is senior designer and with his experience playing a central role as a mentor and coach when it comes to production and perfection. Always patient and generating calm and confidence he is a reliable contact for our clients as well as a valued colleague to fall back on. Robin loves to solve technical and complex design issues within a transmedial environment.

robin@kummer-herrman.nl +31 (0)6 24633249 LinkedIn
Robin Sluijs Senior designer

Annika is an information designer, enjoying the complexity and urgency of projects and themes. With a fascination for the intersection of research and design, she is always in pursuit of finding hidden narratives and translating them into visual outcomes, across editorial, digital and spatial media.

Annika Felder Information Designer

Maaike joined Kummer & Herrman in 2021 as junior project manager after graduating as historian from the University of Amsterdam in 2021. With a passion for storytelling, she is dedicated to turn relevant stories into creative products in close collaboration with clients and other parties.

maaike@kummer-herrman.nl LinkedIn
Maaike de Kleijn Project Manager