There is a global nutrition crisis today in which far too many children are not getting the nutrition they need.

Access to Nutrition Initiative

One in nine people worldwide is hungry or undernourished.
One in three people is overweight or living with obesity.
2 billion people lack essential micronutrients in their diets.

Access to Nutrition Initiative is a non-profit organization that develops tools to track the contribution of the food and beverage sector to address the global nutrition crisis.

With a retail value of nearly 2.5 trillion US dollars in 2020, and a scope that reaches virtually every individual on the planet, the packaged foods industry has a significant impact on nutrition globally. ATNI’s engagement with companies and other parties are focused on driving positive change. Their vision is a world where everyone eats a healthy, balanced diet, and as a result, deaths and illness from diet-related diseases are eradicated.

The Access to Nutrition Initiative is encouraging action through transparency, accountability, and collaboration during a world-wide nutrition crisis.

In 2018, ATNI reached out to us with the question to develop a new website. At that time, their website was overloaded with text and confusingly structured, and it did not provide the option to engagingly publish their indexes and reports.

ATNI challenged us to create a platform that allows for the online publication of indexes, reports and projects. Therefore, we started with mapping the content of the old website and more importantly, content created by ATNI that was not on their current website, like scorecards and published indexes. From having the overview of all that ATNI is, does and tries to achieve, we built a new structure together with our development partner September. We built a future proof website, that allows ATNI for the online and interactive publications of upcoming indexes. Furthermore, we developed new features that we during the process discovered as important to support ATNI’s mission, features like the scorecard comparison tool and the company performance tool.

While building the structure for ATNI’s new website, we redesigned ATNI’s identity. We looked for a fresh new look without losing the current recognizable connection it had with the audience. This new identity also included a new language for icons, illustrations and infographics to make sure information can be given in a fast and appealing way, without becoming text-heavy.

One of the important pillars of ATNI’s strategy are the global indexes. These indexes provide companies, investors and other interested parties with a comprehensive analysis and ranking of the world’s largest food and beverage manufacturers in addressing the global nutrition crisis.

Besides the online publication of the Indexes, where ATNI’s gathered data automatically feeds into ranking figures and scorecards, we developed tools that help to provide a quick insight into the sector’s contribution to addressing the global nutrition crisis. The scorecard comparison tool allows users to quickly compare scores between companies. The company comparison tool shows trends over time – how the scores of companies evolved over time, to be able to track improvement and therefore positively boost change.

Besides publishing Indexes (global and country-specific indexes) ATNI publishes reports and accountability tools on many other topics within the food and beverage industry, topics like breast milk substitutes / complementary foods and the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Institutional investors are key users of ATNI’s work, they use the results of ATNI’s indexes and reports to guide responsible investments. Therefore, the website holds a unique investor platform that provides this group with information and knowledge.

Access to Nutrition Website

Client: Access to Nutrition Initiative
Year: 2021

Visual Identity, website design and infographics: Kummer & Herrman
Website development: Studio September