"Vacant territories intertwined through time
Factories besides new urban life
Nature will always catch them if they fall
That’ll take me down to the heart of the Zaan"
- Tim Knol

Currents - Zaans Museum

Introductie tentoonstelling Stroom in Zaans Museum, zicht op introductie-tekst en achtelriggende zaal

The project

Portrait of a developing region
The Zaanstreek is the oldest industrial area in Europe. Along the banks of the river Zaan distinctive industry has been in steady retreat in recent years. Vacant factory buildings are demolished or assigned new purposes, with different residents or users, giving rise to an exceptional mix of living and working.

In ‘Currents. The Zaan in motion’, documentary photographers Bert Verhoeff and David Galjaard – both new residents of the Zaanstreek – capture an exciting portrait of this developing region. Social housing next to towering silos, swimsuits next to old food factories, and recreational boats among meters-long flatboats.

Introductie tentoonstelling Stroom in Zaans Museum, zicht op introductie-tekst en achtelriggende zaal
Overzicht fotografie in tentoonstelling, hangende fotografie, gelaagdheid, kleur

The exhibition

A multi-layered dynamic visual landscape
The Zaans Museum came to us with a clear wish: this photography exhibition should breathe a totally different atmosphere from the rest of the museum. With the words ‘fresh’, ‘surprising’, and ‘colorful’ in mind, Mayra and Rene worked on a design in which photography takes center stage.

The photographic work consists of a combination of street photography, lenticular series, and portraits. Each of the three is given its own medium and format in the exhibition to underline the layering. To bring air into the design, we make maximum use of the hall’s height. Almost all the photos hang in clusters from the high ceiling, creating vistas and sightlines that create exciting visual connections between the images.

The graphic identity of the exhibition clearly reflects the transition that is happening in the Zaan region. We translated the changes so strongly present in Bert and David’s work into a recognizable exhibition logo that connects the exhibition, campaign, and publication. Combined with four fresh colors that form a strong contrast to the dark green that typifies the Zaanstreek, the result is an exhibition with a surprising face that portrays the changes in the region in a dynamic, layered way.

overzicht tentoonstelling, hangende fotografie, fris kleurgebruik
publicatie in de reflectieruimte, typografie op kleurbanen, identiteit

The publication

A photo publication accompanies the exhibition and traces Bert and David’s walk along the Zaan, from north to south, from Westknollendam to Zaandam.

The book reflects the layering and transition of the project. Not only in the photos, which take up most of the book, but also in the design. By using shortened pages, some images overlap. This creates surprising vistas and engages the images in conversation, so to speak. The lenticular series are presented on fold-outs, making it easy to see the changes over time.

Currents. The Zaan in Motion
Temporary exhibition & publication

Client: Zaans Museum
Year: 2023

Design: Kummer & Herrman, Mayra Slagboom, René Tichelaar, Jeroen Kummer

Projectmanagement Kummer & Herrman: Maaike de Kleijn

Photography: Bert Verhoeff & David Galjaard

Essay text: Floris Alkemade

Audiotour & song: Tim Knol

Publisher: Uitgeverij Noord-Holland

Printer: Wilco Art Books

Find more information about the exhibition and publication here.