“I sing the praises of life. I am not more complicated than that. I sing everything: love, courage, beauty but also anger, blood, sweat and tears.” – Ed van der Elsken

Lust for Life - Nederlands Fotomuseum

The Nederlands Fotomuseum has saved the colour work of photographer Ed van der Elsken from destruction. It celebrates with Lust for Life the first retrospective of his restored colour work. With his colour photography, Ed pays tribute to humankind and life around universal themes such as love, life and death.

Ed van der Elsken is incredibly popular among older and younger generations. His quirky, extrovert character coincides with his photography. He made contact with people all over the world with his camera. His energy and zest for living, live on through his work and continue to touch people.

K&H developed a dynamic and vigorous exhibition and campaign with the greatest icons and work never shown before. A first comprehensive overview of Ed’s colour work, published by Lecturis in collaboration with Dewi Lewis Publishing, accompanied the show.

Lust for Life | Ed van der Elsken in Colour

Client: Nederlands Fotomuseum

Curator: Frits Gierstberg

Year: 2019

Visual concept, exhibition design, campaign, and publication: Kummer & Herrman
Publisher: Lecturis, Dewi Lewis Publishing