“Art reflects who we are — as a society, as individuals and as companies.”

AkzoNobel Art Foundation

AkzoNobel Art Foundation

The AkzoNobel Art Foundation aims to create a stimulating working environment with its art collection, one in which art and business are in dialogue with each other: two communicating realms. This collection is intended to serve as a source for innovation and creative reflection, and as an expression of AkzoNobel’s corporate, cultural and social responsibility. 

K&H developed a visual identity for the AkzoNobel Art Foundation that embodies the precise intersection between the corporate and creative platforms. 

The website can be characterised as an online space where the user can dive into the rich and international art collection that the foundation, directed by Hester Alberdingk Thijm, has been collecting ever since 1996. It caters to their diverse audience: everyone from AkzoNobel’s internal and external networks to art professionals and critics can now access the collection. It can be filtered through times, techniques and themes, rendering endless new combinations of pieces.

The AkzoNobel Art Space opened its doors in 2016 and ever since has welcomed the public to engage with the art in real life. The website now has a digital translation of the current exhibitions being held in the Art Space so that regardless of where you are, you won’t miss a thing.

AkzoNobel Art Foundation
Visual Identity

Client: AkzoNobel Art Foundation

Year: 2017 –

Visual identity, website design and online campaigns: Kummer & Herrman
Web development: Waxle