Have you ever thought about what freedom means to you?

Freethinkers – Amsterdam Museum

Have you ever thought about what freedom means to you? Are you free to think, say and express yourself?

The exhibition ‘Freethinkers: from Spinoza to now’ at the Amsterdam Museum encourages visitors to think about the concept of ‘freethinking’ and lays out the connections between contemporary happenings and historical advancements. From Baruch Spinoza to Theo van Gogh, the Amsterdam Museum reveals and relates what these critical minds thought, what drove them, and how society responded.

Many of the themes that evoked strong emotions centuries ago – such as religion, freedom of expression, feminism, gender, ethnicity and the human relationship with nature – are still relevant today. To reflect on these themes, the exhibition highlights historical thinkers, as well as selected contemporary artists, who offer their own views on freethinking.

K&H is responsible for the spatial and graphic design for Freethinkers and also designed the accompanying campaign. The exhibition is an initiative by the Amsterdam Museum and the Humanistisch Verbond to celebrate 75 years of commitment to freethinking and a constitutional democracy in which people can live freely and equally.