Who and what makes an art collection?

We Are The Collection! AkzoNobel Art Foundation collection magazine

We Are The Collection, a catalog, in the guise of a colorful magazine, offers the AkzoNobel Art Foundation the chance to take the collection to the reader. Far from being a static tome, it’s a dynamic collection you can take hold of and open to any page, like a wieldy exhibition. Turning the gaze outwards and asking: who and what makes a collection?

We Are The Collection is accessible without shying away from complex and current issues. Art of any worth is always multi-layered art. Longer essays take turns with short stories, columns, interviews, themed sections, and spreads created especially for this magazine by artists in the collection.

Artists, curators, photographers, art critics, writers and members of the board such as Thierry Vanlancker, Anna Tilroe, Dirk van Weelden, Niña Weijers, Imara Limon, Steven Aalders, Lex ter Braak, Otobong Nkanga, Isaac Julien and many others reflect on the power a collection holds and the themes she’s inextricably bound up with – beauty, zeitgeist, inclusivity, and the importance of art in our work and our lives. The ‘We’  in ‘We Are The Collection’ can be heard sounding throughout in its varied tones.

We Are the Collection!
AkzoNobel Art Foundation

Publisher: AkzoNobel Art Foundation

ISBN 978-1-941703-12-0

Year: 2020

Concept creative direction and design: Kummer & Herrman

Lithography: Marc Gijzen
Printing: NPN Drukkers 


European Design Award (Silver), 2021